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Jurassic World Evolution 2 - 1.7.0 Update Notes

Hello Park Managers!

We are very excited to announce that the Jurassic World Evolution 2: Feathered Species Pack and free Update 6 are now available.

Read below for the full set of patch notes.

DLC - Feathered Species Pack

Prehistoric Species

4 x New Species

  • Flying Reptile
    • Jeholopterus
  • Dinosaurs
    • Deinocheirus
    • Sinosauropteryx
    • Yutyrannus


  • Added new feeder type (Insectivore Feeder) to be used by Jeholopterus
  • Added new diet type - Insectivore (Insects only)
  • Added new diet type - Omnivore (Fish/Paleobotany)

Update 6


Capture Mode

  • Added new Camera Type to Capture Mode, the Cinematic Camera
    • Added ability to adjust settings such as Time and Camera Movement
    • Added ability to adjust between various focus areas within your park such as: Dinosaurs, Viewing Galleries, Tours, Park Teams, Hotels, Ranger Posts, Ziplines, Feeders, Path View and Panoramic View
    • Add existing Overlays of Postcards, Stamps, Logos, Letterboxes, Filters and Guidelines


  • Added new 'Remote Viewing Galleries' feature with 2 x new attractions, the 'Log Viewing Gallery' and the 'Dome Viewing Gallery'
    • These can be found within the 'Attractions' menu and are available in all building styles
    • Galleries need to be connected to an Entrance Building using an underground connection
  • Added Zipline variants for DFW and Jurassic Park Building Styles

Sandbox Mode

  • Added 6 x additional large, flat Sandbox Square levels
    • These are based on the 6 different biome types within the game
  • Added 3 x expanded Sandbox levels
    • These are for Southwest USA, San Diego and California levels
  • Added new Sandbox Setting for 'Decoration Foliage' (found under the 'Environment' sub-section) that allows players to use foliage from all biomes or the level's specific biome
    • This is only available on PC and next-gen console 
  • Added new Sandbox Setting for 'Unlimited Feeder Reserves' (found under the 'Dinosaurs' sub-section)
    • Setting this to 'on' will mean that feeders no longer need to be refilled by Ranger Teams
  • Added new Sandbox Setting for 'Income Tax' (found under the 'Park' sub-section)
    • Reduces how much income your park generates and has 4 settings: None, Low, Medium and High
  • Added new Sandbox Setting for 'Wild Capture Frequency' (found under the 'Park' sub-section)
    • Control how often wild capture events will occur and has 4 settings: None, Low, Medium and High
    • This requires the 'Expeditions and Fossils' setting to be turned ON to be adjustable

Quality of Life


  • Toilets, Amenities and Shelters will now build instantly rather than over a short period of time
  • Added the ability to place multiples of the same building without need to enter the build menu each time
    • Using CTRL + Mouseclick on mouse/keyboard or RB/R1 on controllers
  • Infected feeders can no longer be deleted, this is to prevent players from being able to block themselves from researching related cures
  • Added ability for 'Release via Airlift' to Aviary Hatcheries allowing players to release flying reptiles outside an Aviary


  • Small dinosaurs will now raise their heads when they are walking through water
  • Small dinosaurs can now navigate through water when they would have been blocked before
  • Adjustments to sauropod combat
    • Carnivores now may fail a hunt depending on combat stats
    • The Bleed Out state now only starts once a sauropod reaches 15% health, rather than after any carnivore attack
    • If a carnivore fails to successfully hunt a sauropod, it will wait for a period of time before trying again
    • Adjusted feedback for when the Bleed Out state is affecting a dinosaur
  • Adjusted UI cohabitation feedback on Therizinosaurus, Indominus rex, Velociraptor and Indoraptor to more clearly reflect their likes/dislikes

Sandbox Mode

  • Arrival Point now starts opened in Sandbox Mode, and on moving Arrival Points we maintain their status as opened/closed


  • Amenity Management Screen
    • Simplified the Amenity Management screen by removing guest demographic information & best performing amenity
    • Added the total number of guests in the park to the "guests served" statistic
    • Added configuration rating statistic which shows how well amenities are configured & therefore how satisfied the local guest demographics are
    • Added shortcuts to view modes for amenity configuration and amenity coverage
  • Added a "Delete" confirmation prompt when trying to delete a Hatchery with active synthesis or incubation tasks
  • Replaced park reports and contracts with small notifications if they trigger during full screen contexts (e.g. driving Park Teams, editing terrain)
    • Added gameplay setting to 'always minimise park reports and contract notifications"
  • Added a new 'Random Rock Placement' option to Landscaping tools. This option automatically selects a new rock from the same biome type after placement
  • Added Management View toggles whilst inside various placement modes
    • Feeders - Added ability to toggle Ranger Posts View on/off
    • Monorail/Tours - Added ability to toggle Visibility View on/off
    • Amenities - Added ability to toggle between Amenity and Overcrowding Views
    • Fences - Added ability to toggle between Power and Visibility Views
    • Remote Viewing Galleries - Added ability to toggle Visibility View on/off
  • Made Billboard Icons appear above a forest when a dinosaur enters them
  • Added new time control for "Slow Motion" accessible on the main HUD and via the radial menu on controller
  • Disable carets on financial items in monthly report when there is no change from previous months
  • Increased the transparency of Dinosaur Visibility highlights to improve readability
  • Restrict lock-on to valid targets whilst in a Ranger or Capture Team
  • Subtitles are now wider at their larger text sizes in order to fit in more text
  • Moved the weapon/equipment switch prompt to a more visible location when controlling a Park Team
  • Added unique map icons for medium and large Amenity buildings

PS4 to PS5

  • Added ability for players to import their PS4 player progress to the PS5 version of the game
    • This will merge progress and will not overwrite progress on the PS5 (if any)

Chaos Theory

  • Made some adjustments in Chaos Theory 5 during Brachiosaurus stage to make objective goal clearer
  • Chaos Theory 2 - Fixed mismatch between actual target and text on objective UI for amenity income objective
  • Chaos Theory 4 - Fixed number format for park rating objective


  • VO Characters' introductions are now tracked account wide and will only play once per account rather than once per Career
    • Added Setting for 'Repeat Introductions' (found under the 'Audio' sub-section) to toggle this on/off

Quality of Life - Dominion Malta Expansion


  • Added option to Select/Deselect all of a specific species option to the Cargo Ship in the Dinosaur Exchange and the Island Map

Features - Dominion Biosyn Expansion

Sandbox Mode

  • Added 2 x additional large, flat Sandbox Square levels
    • These are based on the Biosyn Sanctuary and Sierra Nevada levels

Features - Dominion Malta Expansion

  • Added 1 x additional large, flat Sandbox Square level
    • This is based on the Mediterranean biome the Campaign levels are based in
  • Added 1x expanded Sandbox level for San Marie Bay
    • Replaces the Natural Lagoon with buildable ground and greatly expands the play area 

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed some marine reptiles starving to death when trying to hunt with low stamina
  • Fixed Marine reptiles not hunting/eating food until food bar is red, unintentional bug created by cohabitation changes related to Tuna
  • Fixed Camarasaurus' head clipping through the ground during the grooming animation in the Species Viewer
  • Fixed the Apatosaurus losing its eyes in particular instances
  • Fixed Triceratops JP 1993 skin not closing its eyes
  • Fixed Diplodocus spines detaching from their bodies when viewed at a distance
  • Fixed Mosasaurus angling upwards when released from the lagoon hatchery, causing it to clip through the gate


  • Fixed the Stimulant bar going over 100% when you manually aim/fire
  • Fixed Calamity bar displaying 'Multiple Dinosaur Threats' rather than 'Dinosaur Threat'
  • Fixed an issue with the Ranger Team compass showing wrong feeder icons
  • Fixed an issue where selling fossils rapidly could result in loss of control functionality in the Fossils screen


  • Made references to geological eras consistent across multiple places
  • Fixed inconsistent era string for the Nodosaurus


  • Adjusted the Jurassic Park Marine Shark Feeder so vehicles can access for re-supply


  • Prevent transport helicopters from blocking other helis from delivering dinos with their waiting positions


  • Fixed Jurassic Tour VO incorrectly referring to Spinosaurus as from North America


  • Fixed minimising the game while in 'Fullscreen' mode and then re-opening changing it to 'Windowed' mode
  • Various stability fixes
  • Various animation fixes
  • Various audio fixes
  • Various text and localisation fixes

Bug Fixes - Early Cretaceous Pack


  • Changed Minmi genome size classification from medium to small

Bug Fixes - Dominion Biosyn Expansion


  • Adjusted dig site fossils for Dimetrodon so there aren't any left over once you reach 100% genome
  • Fixed dinosaurs occasionally passing through invisible fences

Bug Fixes - Dominion Malta Expansion


  • Fixed Oviraptor feathers flickering in low wind settings
  • Fixed fish feeder dispensing issues in San Marie Bay causing Marine reptiles to starve to death
  • Fixed the Atrociraptor legs becoming distorted when attacking guests on sloped terrain


  • Fixed the Malta Response Facility not letting players repair the vehicle

Sandbox Mode

  • Updated Malta Sandbox economy values


  • Fixed L3 becoming non-functional for pinned dinosaur request when reentering the Dinosaur Exchange


  • Fixed the trust limit not increasing after the second island if the autosave is loaded
  • Fixed dinosaurs dropping off the transport helicopter when transferred towards the Cargo Ship

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